Fire and Home Security

I was saddened by the news of a co-worker whose house got reduced to rubble due to fire just the other day. They barely saved their things. Now they are to start from scratch, no resources whatsoever. What’s worse is that her husband is unemployed. Our boss was kind enough to give them some money so they could buy food. I can only hope and pray that they recover from this tragedy soon.

Fire is really destructive. Over the years, it has claimed millions’ worth of properties and tens of thousands of lives. Here in Manila, fire normally happens during summer. It’s the reason why March is observed as fire prevention month here. However, despite the precautionary measures being taken, fire incidents occur all throughout the year due to either accident or plain negligence. What’s worse is that during the onset of a fire here, bad things continue to happen such as lack of water supply and even theft. I wonder if this happens in developed countries, too. As far as I know, houses in the USA and Europe have home automation system that do not only detect illegal activities but also the presence of smoke that could lead to fire thru smoke detector and regular video footage inside the home. Does that mean their homes are safer than ours? No doubt about that.

While fire is destructive, it can still be prevented or at least lessen its damage. We can do this by taking care of our surroundings, by making sure fire hazards are properly disposed or kept in a safe place. As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than cure. Responsibility and alertness, I think these are keys to prevent fire anywhere, anytime. And if one can afford it, a good home automation system is a good investment not only for fire prevention but also to keep your place secure at all times.

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