Review: Belkin Home Router

When we got a new desktop at home a few weeks ago, the need for internet connection and a wifi router presented itself right after. I knew my brother already had a lot on his hands so I volunteered to shoulder the internet subscription fees as well as the expenses for the wifi router. We got our internet connection from PLDT thru its myDSL Plan P990. For the wifi requirement, I got a basic Belkin home router.


Belkin is an American wifi brand. I got our Belkin home router from Octagon-SM Manila for P1,995 (approx. $48). Compared to the other wifi routers in the market, I found Belkin’s design more sleek and stylish. It was a bit bulky, but I didn’t mind. It was gray in color and came with a CD installer and a free Belkin mouse (worth P400) when I bought it.

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#002: 10 Things to Be Thankful for Last Week

Life is good. When you’re having worries, remember that God won’t let you down. If you wished for something and it was granted, thank Him. If you wished for something and it wasn’t granted, thank Him still. Sometimes, our wishes come true in our time (the exact time we wanted it) and other times, in God’s time. I think the secret to a happy life is to remain thankful no matter what. Last week was a beautiful week for me. And these are the 10 reasons why I am very thankful to God for last week’s turn of events:

1. Our rented house here in Manila is now a wifi zone. Now we could surf as much as we want, any time of the day (and night).
2. The new TV cabinet in our Cavite home has made our living room there more lively and complete.
3. I had the pleasure of trying out new restaurants along with the fiancee and my family. Our latest food trips were at Nanos SM Manila and Corniche, Diamond Hotel.
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Tax Refund

My brother is the luckiest! He’ll be receiving a tax refund worth P____ very soon for the taxes he paid last year. I remember just last week he was borrowing money from me. He needed some bucks to buy new clothes for his forthcoming oath taking as licensed teacher. I didn’t have spare money then so I wasn’t able to help him. With the tax refund money he’s getting, he’s problem is solved.

Speaking of taxes, I just realized I have yet to pay property taxes for our Naic home. Gosh, my forgetfulness is getting worse each day. I better schedule a day off this month to pay our tax dues. But before that, I have to look for some documents first. I haven’t done any cleaning recently; I wonder where I have kept those files I collected after purchasing our house. If I had document management solutions at my disposal, this won’t be a problem. But I don’t have any, so yeah, I have to do the search manually. Poor me.

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My Brother is Buying a New Desktop!

The laptop we have at home has been in need of repair since last year. One day it just went super slow and using it meant we had to wait ten years before it would even start up. We tried formatting it to correct the problem, but to no avail. According to the fiancee, it could be due to memory or hard disk damage. Did I mention its battery was busted, too?

Classes are opening soon and the need for a computer is presenting itself again. My brother who’s a new teacher, for instance, needs one at home so he could prepare presentations and other instructional materials. My two siblings, who are in college, need a PC as well to keep up with their school requirements. Given the situation, we think it’s about time we have our laptop repaired or we get a new desktop. My brother suggested that we do the latter and he’d be the one to shoulder the expenses. He said he’d forego his plan to get life insurance for now. (I saw him the other night scrutinizing various cheap life insurance qoutes over at via his mobile phone internet.)

My brother’s intention to pay for the new desktop sounded good to me, so I said yes. Haha. I might pay for the internet subscription to complement the desktop, but I’m still undecided about it. I’ll see what I can do when I check my payslip for the salary increase we’re getting starting next month.

#001: 10 Things to Be Thankful for Last Week

With the busy life that I lead, I know I tend to forget appreciating the blessings coming my way. I also tend to forget thanking the one above for each and every little grace I receive. Okay, I guess I’m starting to feel guilty now. To appease my inner (and kinder) self, I have decided to blog about the 10 things I should be thankful for last week. Yes, last week and not this week because it isn’t over yet. Last week as the time period to be considered is safer because I can definitely enumerate the things that made me happy in that week, though it’s gonna be in no particular order.

I hope this becomes a weekly thing for this blog. Just like what I’ve been seeing in some other blogs I’ve been blog hopping on. I won’t promise though lest I fail myself. Without further a do, here they are:

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One Month of No Work

One month of no work in the fine dining restaurant where I work part-time, that is. As I understand, we’re having major renovations done in the different areas of the ancestral house. I think this has a lot to do with our boss’s plan to keep the business for many years to come. I see this as a good news for it could only mean one thing for all of us working there — a more stable employment.

Definitely, each repair in the restaurant has a reason. The improvements in the kitchen, for instance, are being undertaken so that we could elevate our food standards. We want to serve only the freshest and the yummiest Filipino and Spanish specialties to our growing clientele. I can’t wait to see the new look of the establishment which I have come to love through the years.

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