Review: Belkin Home Router

When we got a new desktop at home a few weeks ago, the need for internet connection and a wifi router presented itself right after. I knew my brother already had a lot on his hands so I volunteered to shoulder the internet subscription fees as well as the expenses for the wifi router. We got our internet connection from PLDT thru its myDSL Plan P990. For the wifi requirement, I got a basic Belkin home router.


Belkin is an American wifi brand. I got our Belkin home router from Octagon-SM Manila for P1,995 (approx. $48). Compared to the other wifi routers in the market, I found Belkin’s design more sleek and stylish. It was a bit bulky, but I didn’t mind. It was gray in color and came with a CD installer and a free Belkin mouse (worth P400) when I bought it.

It was the fiancée who installed the Belkin router to our new PC. I asked him to make our wifi password-protected to ensure our exclusive use of it. After a few minutes, our house was transformed into a wifi zone. We were so delighted that we even put up a race on whose gadget could connect to the wifi the fastest. We had our new desktop, my old laptop, my iPod Touch, my mobile phone and my brother’s phone competing against one another. It was funny because we all lost to the fiancée’s iPhone 4 that was able to connect to the wifi in less than 10 seconds. Haha.

So far, our Belkin wifi router is functioning very well. On normal days, it provides internet connection to five (sometimes six) gadgets simultaneously and we, the users, don’t experience lags or disconnection at all. That, unless one of us would start downloading/streaming videos.

Also, we haven’t had a situation that required us to reset the wifi router yet. I hope it continues that way. As much as possible, I don’t want us to encounter PC and internet-related troubles even if I have the fiancée and my brother with us who are both knowledgeable in computer troubleshooting.

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