#001: 10 Things to Be Thankful for Last Week

With the busy life that I lead, I know I tend to forget appreciating the blessings coming my way. I also tend to forget thanking the one above for each and every little grace I receive. Okay, I guess I’m starting to feel guilty now. To appease my inner (and kinder) self, I have decided to blog about the 10 things I should be thankful for last week. Yes, last week and not this week because it isn’t over yet. Last week as the time period to be considered is safer because I can definitely enumerate the things that made me happy in that week, though it’s gonna be in no particular order.

I hope this becomes a weekly thing for this blog. Just like what I’ve been seeing in some other blogs I’ve been blog hopping on. I won’t promise though lest I fail myself. Without further a do, here they are:

1. My brother has passed the LET. We’re so happy and proud of him! This is a dream come true for him and will surely give further boost to his teaching career. He’ll start teaching this June already and we’re all excited about it.

2. I bought a few necklaces to add to my growing collection. I heart necklaces and whenever I come across cute ones and their prices are budget-friendly, I can’t help but buy them.

3. Edwin and I have started running. Cheers to a healthier body!

4. My sister J & I had our first lunch date thru a buffet lunch at Richmonde Hotel.

5. We have already watched the movie “In the Name of Love.” This Star Cinema movie topbills Angel Locsin, Aga Muchlach and Jake Cuenca. I liked the movie and will post a review on this blog soon! [UPDATE: Check out my In the Name of Love movie review.]

6. The boyfriend and I have finally tried the food at Mr. Jones, an American diner housed at Greenbelt 5. Huge food servings + nice ambience + good service = satisfied customers (that’s us!).

7. I have finished my Gran Prix Hotel & Suites Manila review. Please LIKE it on Facebook because it also serves as my official entry to Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway’s All-Expense Paid Boracay Hideaway Trip promo. Thank you!

8. I lost two pounds. Shallow, but it made me happy. I hope I don’t gain it this week, though. Haha.

9. I’m taking the Listerine Total Care Challenge! I actually started the brush-floss-rinse (BFR) habit today. Let’s see where this takes me. Hopefully, to better oral health and greater self-confidence driven by a fresher and healthier mouth. Good luck self!

10. I had my first out-of-town trip in Infanta, Quezon last weekend and it was fun-filled. I hope this is not the last beach trip for me this summer, though. Haha.

I guess that’s it. Ten things and hopefully, I get to compile a new set for next week.

Have a great day, friends! 🙂

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