Movie Review: In the Name of Love

I’m a sucker for good Pinoy movies, the ones that are well-thought of, well-executed, and have ensemble cast. Most Star Cinema movies I have watched before belong to this class. While I don’t like it that most, if not all, of their films end on a happy note (the happily-ever-after kind), I still watch them because of three things: good story, intriguing trailer and smart pairing of lead characters.

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I have recently watched their latest offering, In the Name of Love. It is starred by Aga Muchlach, Angel Locsin and Jake Cuenca. Intriguing trailer aside, I watched this film because I heard it took them one year to finish the movie. I thought it meant something good. Apparently, I was right. The movie was good and effective in unleashing a thousand emotions from the viewers (yours truly included). To say that I got teary-eyed several times is an understatement. I actually cried!

Directed by Olivia M. Lamasan, In the Name of Love is a tale of two individuals who dreamt big, fell in love, took risks for good causes, met troubles and faced the consequences of their desperate actions. The story is tragic and painful while at the same time, compelling and liberating. The twists the writer and the director put into the story were well-thought of, creating mystery one after another and making people more curious and interested as the movie unfolds. I’m sure a lot of OFWs and their loved ones can relate to it because the lead characters played OFWs in Japan here.

There’s no denying that Aga and Angel has chemistry despite the age gap. I liked Angel’s acting in this movie, she has improved a lot as an actress. She’s youthful yet sensual and sophisticated. Aga and Jake on the other hand, were effective as Angel’s lovers.

In the Name of Love, just like the rest of Star Cinema Movies I’ve watched, ends happily with the lead characters getting a second chance at life. This time though, I think it’s very apt since Emman and Cedes (Aga Muchlach’s and Angel Locsin’s characters, respectively) have been separated by fate and reunited by true and passionate love.

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  1. A friend of mine went to watch this and said it’s good! As for me, I’ll have to wait for the DVD, I guess. When I saw the trailer, I was like, Wow, si Aga, hanggang ngayon, leading man pa rin siya despite the age gap nila ni Angel…and I remembered that I used to think he was too old to be Claudine’s leading man! Lol!

    1. Yep, Aga Muchlach’s grown bigger but is still a leading man material. Ganda ng movie, wait mo nga talaga sa DVD, must-see ito. 🙂

  2. have you read the review of this movie in the gmanews website? i agree with you that this movie was worth seeing; makes you not want to lose faith in the filipino movie industry after all.

    1. i read it. everybody’s entitled to his own opinion. yep, i hope more movies like this get created soon.

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