Our Eight O’Clock Habit

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. It’s been more than a month now when the hubby and I started jogging for 5km at exactly 8PM during weekdays. Since I clock out from work at 6PM and we normally have dinner at around seven, we went for 8PM and not an earlier time.

The week before APEC, we were able to jog for five days straight! Our plan is to jog M-W-F. We’d do more if our schedule and energy permit. Our fastest 5-km jog so far is 44 minutes. Still slow, but we’re trying to do better. We sometimes alternate between jogging and brisk walking for a more fun experience.There are times also when Mame or my brother joins us. I say the more, the merrier.

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Weekend Story: Enjoying Our Time Together

Last weekend was a bit busy. We had no house guests this time. It was just the hubby and I so we made sure to enjoy our time together.

We drove to Bacoor on Saturday afternoon. On our way home, we stopped by S&R-Aseana Baclaran to grab a quick bite and to check if Centrum (the multivitamin) was on sale. Seeing that it was discounted (Php1,100 from Php1,499.95), we didn’t hesitate to get a pack. It contains two plastic containers with the big one having 365 tablets and a small one (this seems like a bonus container) with 60 tablets inside.

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Weekend Story: Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat.

Last weekend was easy and fun. The hubby and I drove to Bacoor as early as Friday night and went back to Manila early morning today to face yet another work week.

Our Saturday was spent at home eating, sleeping, playing, and repeating the cycle to our heart’s delight. We reserved Sunday for going out when we went to church to hear the morning mass and drove straight to S&R Alabang and ATC after to eat and do some needed retail therapy.

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Weekend Story: Sick and Well Cared For + Chibi’s Kitchen + China Rich Girlfriend Book

My cold started last week and its aftermath, the cough, continues to pester me until this day. I feel much better now, though, as compared to last weekend when I felt drowsy. I was very grateful to my husband for taking good care of me. If it weren’t for him, I would’ve felt sick and miserable all weekend.

Anyway, we arrived in Bacoor Saturday afternoon. We didn’t plan to go out that night but our toilet’s flush suddenly broke so we had no choice but to get a replacement. We drove to Evia-Daang Hari at 7pm-ish and checked out the Ace Hardware branch there. After finding and buying what we were looking for, we got out of the store and looked for a place to have dinner.

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On Gratefulness

I have to admit there are times when I forget to be grateful for the blessed life I happen to have. This is especially true when good things keep coming into my life. I tend to get overwhelmed and preoccupied and eventually, feel a sense of guilt. Somehow, I feel that by forgetting to show gratitude, I am letting God down. For is it not from Him that everything I get to have in this life come from?

Image Source: http://www.littlemiracles.com.au/blog/speaking-life/the-importance-of-gratitude

Is it just me or does this happen to you as well? That’s why I thought of saying thanks first thing in the morning and before closing my eyes at night. Sometimes, I feel that it’s insincere, though. Or pilit lang. Recently, I’ve decided to say thank you to God whenever I feel like it and wherever I may be. Aside from the basics (e.g. life, family, marriage, job, food, shelter, clothing, etc.), it could be for a simple task I finished, a surprise I received (like this one time when I got a cute little ring from my brother similar to those class rings from joyjewelers.com), a small favor I got from someone, a big blessing that came my way, a kind comment from a blog reader, or just about anything that has made me happy. I like how it’s spontaneous and genuine. No pretensions, no exaggerations. No routines, no timing.

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