Weekend Story: Sick and Well Cared For + Chibi’s Kitchen + China Rich Girlfriend Book

My cold started last week and its aftermath, the cough, continues to pester me until this day. I feel much better now, though, as compared to last weekend when I felt drowsy. I was very grateful to my husband for taking good care of me. If it weren’t for him, I would’ve felt sick and miserable all weekend.

Anyway, we arrived in Bacoor Saturday afternoon. We didn’t plan to go out that night but our toilet’s flush suddenly broke so we had no choice but to get a replacement. We drove to Evia-Daang Hari at 7pm-ish and checked out the Ace Hardware branch there. After finding and buying what we were looking for, we got out of the store and looked for a place to have dinner.

we successfully installed this after an hour!

Choosing between Hap Chan and Chibi’s Kitchen, we settled for the latter. It’s a tiny Japanese place that serves affordable and delicious food. The hubby had their Katsudon (P245) while I went for their Curry Katsu (P300). Our orders came with a miso soup, some salad, some radish appetizer, and a cup of hot barley tea. We finished everything and got home very satisfied.

my Curry Katsu set

Our Sunday was quite normal. We woke up late and just drove to the church nearest to our village to pray and after that, picked up some pork steak and pork liver from my suking meat shop. We also dropped by a 7-Eleven store to pay our Cignal bill and get some breakfast.

As requested by the hubby, I cooked Bistek Tagalog using the pork steak and pork liver we bought earlier. I also added some hard-boiled eggs to the dish. Protein overload it was! Haha.


I just reheated the frozen ginisang munggo from last weekend and added some water to it and voila, a tasty soup for us! We were slurping the hot soup while the rain was pouring hard outside. What simple bliss!


We ate the same food for dinner because that’s how we’ve been doing it ever since we got married. Unless, of course, when we feel like going out to eat or I’m in the mood to whip up a new dish.

I spent the rest of the weekend taking lots of water and vitamin supplements and rest.


I also finished reading China Rich Girlfriend (the sequel to the Crazy Rich Asians book I made kwento about last weekend) while munching on santols (freshly picked from my FIL’s tree in Manila the day before).



As usual, Kevin Kwan didn’t disappoint. The second book was even grander and more hilarious and witty than the first. I heard he’s writing a third book, making it a trilogy. I just have to read it as well!

The hubby, on the other hand, busied himself taking care of me, doing some household chores, and finishing his grad school assignments.

I hope your weekend was better than ours, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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18 Replies to “Weekend Story: Sick and Well Cared For + Chibi’s Kitchen + China Rich Girlfriend Book”

  1. My husband and I spent the weekend doing household chores (cooking for me, the rest of the chores for him, haha), eating and sleeping! Sarap ng bed weather e. Get enough rest, Sis! Get well soon! Mwah! 🙂

    1. Awwww thank you, sis. Touched ako! More bed weather days to come for us (pero sana itaon na weekends para di hassle sa work). 🙂

  2. Wow, santol! Jan ko pinag-lihi yung 2 daughters ko. Anlalaki niyan sa picture mo. Buti ka pa, may mahihingian. Hindi yata panahon ngayon ng satol, wala ako makita sa market.

    Get well soon, sis. Praying for your fast recovery.

    1. Malalaki sya at ang tatamis, sis. Thailand variety ata. Panahon ng santol at iba pang maasim na prutas basta tag-ulan, panlaban daw natin sa sakit yan like ubo, sipon at trangkaso. Pag tag-init naman, mga matutubig na prutas. Galing ni God, diba? 😉

  3. I spent my Saturday washing clothes. For the first time, like ever. I can’t believe that despite using a washing machine, I still got loads of sugat on my hands. Na-sad ako kasi bed weather tapos ako naglalaba. I hope I could read on weekends din. 🙁 I miss my books!! I wanna read that crazy rich asians. Papahanap ako ebook copy. Hihihi!

  4. Did you try the honey medicine? Ako, mejo magaling na but ended up doing another way of getting better – inihaw na calamansi, straight up no water afterwards (asim-kilig!). Pero I still take vitamin C pero yung Sodium Ascorbate ba yun? That is best for people who are acidic that are in need of Vit C.

    Is it possible to have copies of those books too? 🙂

    Hope gumaling na tayo 🙂

    1. Yes, okay sya. I feel okay now. Sabi naman ng sister ko, mag Fern-C daw ako, non-acidic din sya. Sure, sis. I’ll email you. 🙂

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