Weekend Story: Happy at Home

After the hubby’s classes on Saturday morning, we drove to Bacoor to spend the rest of our weekend there. I would say we were happy at home doing household chores and just relaxing.

Actually, we were at home most of the time. We went out just two times: when we had our frappe fix at Starbucks Evia on Saturday night and when we heard the mass on Sunday morning and went to the wet market after to buy some fresh produce.


It was one of those weekends when we had a lot of couple time. We just enjoyed each other’s company. I also finished reading Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians. It’s a hilarious novel about well…crazy rich Asians. It’s the first novel I’ve read with Singapore as setting. It talks a lot about Asian culture, Singaporean food, and the eccentricity and nakakalokang sense of entitlement of those affluent Chinese families. I couldn’t put the book down (it was that entertaining!) and so I was very happy I got to finish reading it last weekend. Now, I can’t wait to start reading the book’s sequel, China Rich Girlfriend.

On the domestic front, I cooked ginisang munggo and fried some Cebu danggit for lunch. That combo was for the win! Also, I wasn’t able to hand-wash our office clothes so the hubby took advantage of the situation. He turned on the washing machine and washed our house clothes and bedsheets. Did I mention we also did a lot of sleeping?

I’m afraid that’s all the kwentos I have. ‘Till next weekend’s story, guys! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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  1. Sometimes, ok din yang mga ganyang weekends lang eh. Nakaka relax so when you go back to work, energized ka ulit. Weekend namin last time sobrang busy eh. Heheh

  2. Since I came to Dubai, my weekends are almost like yours especially if I don’t have any schedules. Mark and I would just eat, watch movies at home, and cuddle. And yeah, we also do a lot of sleeping! Haha!

    And oh, that ginisang munggo and danggit sure is winner combo! Tapos with matching suka pa or tomatoes, ahhh! Sarap! Nakakamiss! 😀


  3. That was exactly the kind of weekend I had. I think I was cooking non-stop over the weekend. Last Sunday, I prepared our baon and dinner scheduled until Tuesday. Init init na lang before meals to save time and energy. My hubby naman was in-charge of washing the clothes and doing some minor utility works in our house. Ang hirap pero super saya bumukod! Kaya apir tayo! ^_^ Ayun lang, you’re very lucky that you had the luxury to read a book. I terribly miss it! =(

  4. We also had a relaxed weekend!!! I was down (but well, I’m still working so I’m up) with flu the entire week last week. So when weekend hits, I took that as an opportunity to nurse my flu kahit pagaling na. I just slept the entire weekend off. In between being a mum and wife. Ang saya!

    1. Pareho tayo, TPS! Mga simple pero malasang ulam ang comfort food ko, mga lutong Nanay na may halong pagmamahal. 🙂

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