Weekend Story: PILs in the House + Decluttering My Closet

Last weekend, the hubby and I were joined by my PILs in Bacoor. We drove there on Friday night and headed back to Manila on Sunday afternoon. I was quite productive because I finally got to declutter my closet after ten years, hahaha. Seriously, it felt good to get rid of old clothes and to let go of new ones that I kept for so long because I thought they would fit me again. I admit it was difficult for me to do it but sometimes, hard decisions have to be made. I told myself I’d just buy new ones as a sort of reward when and if I’d be able to lose weight talaga in the (hopefully, near) future. The clothes, both old and new, are to go to Mame’s relatives upon her suggestion. Fine with me.

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Weekend Story: Happy at Home

After the hubby’s classes on Saturday morning, we drove to Bacoor to spend the rest of our weekend there. I would say we were happy at home doing household chores and just relaxing.

Actually, we were at home most of the time. We went out just two times: when we had our frappe fix at Starbucks Evia on Saturday night and when we heard the mass on Sunday morning and went to the wet market after to buy some fresh produce.

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