Weekend Story: Enjoying Our Time Together

Last weekend was a bit busy. We had no house guests this time. It was just the hubby and I so we made sure to enjoy our time together.

We drove to Bacoor on Saturday afternoon. On our way home, we stopped by S&R-Aseana Baclaran to grab a quick bite and to check if Centrum (the multivitamin) was on sale. Seeing that it was discounted (Php1,100 from Php1,499.95), we didn’t hesitate to get a pack. It contains two plastic containers with the big one having 365 tablets and a small one (this seems like a bonus container) with 60 tablets inside.


You see, we used to take Enervon as our vitamin supplement but we have recently switched to Centrum (para complete daw sabi ni hubby, haha). We normally buy the 30-tablet plastic container of Centrum for Php280 at Watsons. That’s around Php9.33 per tablet. With the one we bought from S&R, we saved a lot. I computed it and the price per tablet was just Php2.33! The expiration date says March 2016 and since the hubby and I cannot use it all up by then, we are giving some to our family. Sulit pa rin!


We spent our Saturday night working on the hubby’s thesis (first few chapters only for this sem).

The next day, Sunday, we heard the 10:30AM mass at Notre Dame de Vie Chapel at Fernbrook Gardens in Las Piñas.


From the church, we went to Festival Mall because the hubby wanted to check out some Mi phone cases sold in one of the shops there. I took advantage of the situation by getting an underarm wax at Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon. I usually have this treatment at Lay Bare SM Manila but I couldn’t wait anymore. There’s no Lay Bare at Festival Mall so I settled for Hey Sugar! and ended up paying a higher price of Php210. At Lay Bare, it’s Php40 cheaper. Okay lang, pareho naman silang cold wax ang ginagamit. Keri na!

lunch first before going home

When we got home from our day trip, we took a nap, did the laundry, and just spent time with each other.

Dinner that night was this brand of corned beef I’ve long been hearing about online.


Admittedly, it had chunky meat and rich taste but my heart still belongs to Purefoods corned beef. Ewan ko lang, pero mas trip ko pa rin ang lasa nun.


Oh, and I’m proud to say I also did some decluttering! It was purely accidental but I took it as a sign. The hubby unintentionally messed up with my closet so I had to re-arrange my clothes. The result? I was able to sort out my stuff and this bag of clothes here represents what I’m giving away to relatives or charity (well, after Mame filters them first).


And that’s it. Another short but sweet weekend. Another weekend to remember and be grateful for!

How about you, where were you last weekend? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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26 Replies to “Weekend Story: Enjoying Our Time Together”

  1. I am not taking any vitamins actually. Di kasi ako sanay hehe! I guess I have to do something about it no?! Also, I do my waxing at Lay bare din kasi cheap pero ok ang service. as of the moment ako na lang muna nag bubunot kasi tag tipid hehehe. WE’re the same pala. whenever I’ll bring some clothes out of my closet, titingnan muna ni Mama bago mapunta sa iba. =)

  2. Mas bet ko rin yung purefoods corned beef compared to other brands. Mas mura pa kesa dyan sa Delimondo. Actually, napabili lang ako once para alamin if anong lasa ng corned beef nila but there’s nothing special nman about it. Yung price yung special – mahal! LOL.

  3. I love Delimondo but I hate the Ranch flavor! You might want to try Garlic and Chili. One time I didn’t have beef to use for my Nilaga, I used Delimondo and it worked perfectly. Hehe

    They also have a ton of other times like spices, spanish sardines and a whole lot of fish variety in oil. Super sarap!

    1. Hmmmm, mas masarap ba yun kesa sa Ranch? Sige. Sana babaan nila price, parang ang mahal talaga. At try ko rin yung Spanish sardines nila next time. 🙂

  4. Ang sulit nga. I’ve been meaning to buy vitamins also. Kaso di ko alam kung ano. MEdyo mahina ang resistensya ng lola mo. I’ll try centrum nga.

    And I did the de cluttering ages ago. Ang saya ng maluwag luwag na closet. I tried to be minimalistic sa fashion choices ko. Keeping the basics and effortless pieces and gave away the more pabebe ones.

  5. I’m not taking any vitamins and I think I should. The only time I did was when I was working at the call center kasi bawal magkasakit.
    p.s- have you tried corned beef with mayonnaise with chopped onions? We used to make a sandwich with corned beef filling. You guys might like it.

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