Our Eight O’Clock Habit

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. It’s been more than a month now when the hubby and I started jogging for 5km at exactly 8PM during weekdays. Since I clock out from work at 6PM and we normally have dinner at around seven, we went for 8PM and not an earlier time.

The week before APEC, we were able to jog for five days straight! Our plan is to jog M-W-F. We’d do more if our schedule and energy permit. Our fastest 5-km jog so far is 44 minutes. Still slow, but we’re trying to do better. We sometimes alternate between jogging and brisk walking for a more fun experience.There are times also when Mame or my brother joins us. I say the more, the merrier.

We are serious in our efforts to lose weight to be fit and healthy. We’re not getting any younger so we really have to take better care of ourselves. And it starts with what else but our body! Did you know that I record my weight daily in an Excel file stored in my office desktop? It’s one of my morning rituals at work that takes only a few seconds to do. I welcome the new year at 130 lbs. and my weight has gone up to as high as 142. (This is still within normal, BMI-wise, for my height of 5’4″ but nah, my clothes wouldn’t fit anymore so I really had to do something about it.) Now, I weigh six pounds heavier than when I started. The increase may not be considerable and I attribute it to the fact that I choose to be conscious about my weight so I get to somehow control it.

Getting fit and healthy is no joke. It takes a lot of effort and discipline. While the hubby is aiming to lose 20 lbs., I am targeting a weight of 120 lbs. If you’ve read any of my dieting and weight loss management posts before, my target weight remains the same. It’s still a long way to go for us but we are determined to see results. We believe our eight o’clock habit will help us achieve our goal. Kaya namin ‘to!

Aside from the health and wellness benefits, I can name more good things we could get from this new habit of ours. For one, it’s a good bonding activity for the hubby and me. We get to spend more time with each other and talk about many things concerning our marital life (e.g. plans, work, family, etc.). Also, we get to use our running shoes instead of them accumulating dust in the cabinet. And more importantly, we get to avoid spending money because while going on a date or eating out requires money, jogging is a free activity. Haha.

Do you also jog or do some other form of exercise? How do you keep going? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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  1. Rooting for you! I’m more inclined towards yoga, but I try to squeeze in at least one 3km morning run a month. XD Medyo loser lang haha. I used to be so lazy about working out but once I was able to pick up the habit, I found that the benefits are just as immediate as it is long-term.

    1. Thank you, Dani! I try to do yoga at home during weekends for flexibility and strength. That’s when I’m at my best mood. Mahirap din kasi ipilit pag tinatamad o ayaw ng may katawan, haha. I agree with you re: immediate and long-term benefits of working out. 🙂

  2. I also jog pero walang tym kasi madaling araw na uwi ko. Then I did try the Curves circuit for 30 minutes lang kaya lang may practice kyeme kame sa office for the year end keri lang praktice naman ng sayaw so naeexercie pa din hehehe. Para-paraan lang.

    1. Haha, okay. Do it when you’re ready. Ako rin naman tinatamad paminsan-minsan. Natural na siguro yun sa ating mga tao. 🙂

  3. Running is fun and as you said, a good bonding activity 🙂 But it requires so much stamina which I dont have kaya yoga nalang muna haha. I’m aiming for 115 lbs naman, working a lil bit more to lose the extra 5 lbs na baby fat hehe. I think no carbs at night helps 🙂

    1. You only need to lose a few pounds pala, kaya mo yan! Yes, no carbs at night is quite effective. The prob with me is I cannot not have carbs at night. 🙁

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