Weekend Story: Anticipated Mass, North Park, Starbucks Card and Lotsa Sleep

We had another house guest last long weekend. It’s none other than my one and only brother Danison. I love it when I get to enjoy some quality time with my family. So I really made sure my brother and I would have a great time together. And we did! But of course, I had to make sure also the hubby was well-taken care of. All in all, I had two boys to take care of and I think I did just fine.

On our way home in Bacoor on Saturday afternoon (after Edwin’s classes have finished), we went to the Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life located at Mall of Asia complex for the 5:30p.m. anticipated mass. It was my first time there and I liked how spacious and solemn the place was.

My brother and I enjoy taking photos of the places we visit and so on our way to the church, we had a mini-contest on who could take the better picture. We shot the church at the same angle so we got almost the same result. Mini-contest fail. Haha.

isn’t the church photogenic?

From the church, we headed to North Park along Macapagal Blvd. (there are actually two North Park branches there but we prefer the one beside a Caltex gas station because it’s nearer the Coastal Road) to have dinner. The hubby promised to treat my brother after the latter made the former a Powerpoint presentation for his school report. Yes, my techie husband isn’t adept at Powerpoint and he needs my brother’s guidance on it until he becomes “good” at it.

Our dinner was very filling. We even had to take our leftover home. North Park is my choice of resto when I crave for cheap but delicious Chinese food.

our visit to North Park isn’t complete without this yummy roast combination platter!

Spending the long weekend mostly at home was the perfect choice for us. We watched movies, ate home-cooked meals and got lotsa sleep. Zzzzzzzzzz. 🙂

On Sunday night, we went to The District, Imus to unwind. We had dinner at Manang’s Chicken (their BB meals are so sulit at just P74 each!) and went on tambay mode at Starbucks after. Upon learning that my brother wants his own Starbucks card, I got him one which he proudly posted on his IG account. I love how child-like and easy-to-please my brother can be. Haha.

screenshot of my brother’s IG posting

I love this man to bits!

But I think the highlight of our The District trip was finding the snack I had long wanted to buy at the food bazaar there. It was being sold at 3 for P100 along with other local snacks. I used to buy it from Salazar’s Bakeshop but one day, for some unknown reason, they suddenly decided to stop selling it. I was very happy to eat this after a long time!


If you happen to visit The District, Imus, do check out the bazaar there. Sometimes, it’s all-food, sometimes a mix of everything, sometimes all-furniture, sometimes all-music. Like one time, they had booths selling musical instruments (e.g. piano, guitars, drums, etc.) at discounted prices, like what you’ll see when you click here. Amazing, right?

The next day, Monday, we woke up late. It felt good to wake up on a Monday without thinking about work. Thank God for holidays falling on Mondays. Haha. When afternoon came, it was time to go back to Manila. When we reached Kalaw Ave., I asked for a stop-over at Family Mart. This Japanese convenience store has Twirl All You Can (unlimited soft-serve ice cream) at just P25. The available flavors that time were green tea, salted caramel and a mix of the two. Their salted caramel was addicting!

our simple joy in ice cream form!

Haaaaay, I look forward to another long weekend where I can repeat all that happened last long weekend and add more things!

Have a fun and productive Tuesday, friends! 🙂

8 Replies to “Weekend Story: Anticipated Mass, North Park, Starbucks Card and Lotsa Sleep”

  1. Lots of sleep!! That’s what we did over the long weekend! =D Glad you got to enjoy some quality time with your brother! =) Nothing beats family time =)

    1. Yes, very fun weekend indeed. The green tea ice cream was good but I thought it lacked matcha. The salted caramel, on the other hand, hit the spot! Yummy! 🙂

    1. Hahaha, dream come true talaga! Buti din nakita ko sya sa blog mo naalala ko na gustung gusto ko nga pala kainin yon at nakakamiss na. Yes, ganda ng church pati spacious sya at maayos yung loob. 🙂

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