My First Selling Transaction in the Stock Market

While some investors wait for a gain of as high as 15% to 30% before selling a stock, I thought I’d settle for a lower percentage in my first selling transaction in the stock market. (It was my first, kaya medyo kinikilig at kinakabahan ako habang pinoprocess ko yan, hehe!) I believe that as long as it’s higher than the inflation rate in the country which is at around 4% to 5% annually, it’s a wise move. Okay, maybe next time, I’ll go for 10% or higher. Haha.

proof of my trade as sent to me by COL Financial via email

On August 27th (just the other day!), I sold my 40 shares of First Philippine Holdings Corp. (FPH) at P81. I kept them for a total of 36 days before selling. I bought them at an average price of P73.89 per share. I’m using “average price” here because I bought the shares in staggered amount at different prices. For this transaction, my net gain/profit was P222.47 or 7.47% as indicated in the stock computation tool I downloaded from A small amount, yes, but it was certainly very meaningful to me. And hindi ko rin naman basta mapupulot ang halagang ‘yan, diba?

Of course, I left some FPH shares in my stocks portfolio so I could start buying new shares again using the strategic averaging method (SAM) being taught by Brother Bo Sanchez. I knew about this by reading personal finance blogs online. Just to be clear, I’m not a member of his popular Truly Rich Club and I don’t think I could afford a membership at this point.

As a newbie stock market investor, I was very happy with my first selling experience. I know I still have tons of things to learn to maximize my profits, but I’ll get there one step at a time. I just have to remain positive and committed to my investment goals. 🙂

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  1. I felt so excited the first time I sold my stocks too! All new employees of the company I worked with before were given stocks and when the company was sold to another entity, we had to sell all our stocks. Thankfully gain naman ako konti considering that I did not spend a single centavo on them. LOL That was my only experience selling, but it was fun to see the value go up or down over the years I had them.

  2. whoah. this is so timely. i’d been thinking about doing this for long (setting up a COL account) but haven’t actually done anything to go through with it. maybe one of these days… could you please post more about your experience regarding your market transactions? hopefully, that will spur me to be more proactive about my plans. thanks

    1. Go and open your COL account soon! The procedures are easy to follow and their online platform is easy to navigate, too. Yes, I’ll post more about my stock market experience in the coming months. Hopefully, more gains instead of losses. 🙂

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