Lessons on Stock Market Investing, Vol. IV

Today marks my second year of investing directly in the Philippine stock market through COL Financial. So far, everything’s okay. I have a number of paper losses but my profit way exceeds its amount so technically, I’m just losing a part of it, not my capital. Also, as long as I don’t sell the losing stock positions, the paper losses will just be imaginary.

Here are more lessons I feel compelled to share with you as I continue on this exciting financial journey:

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My First Selling Transaction in the Stock Market

While some investors wait for a gain of as high as 15% to 30% before selling a stock, I thought I’d settle for a lower percentage in my first selling transaction in the stock market. (It was my first, kaya medyo kinikilig at kinakabahan ako habang pinoprocess ko yan, hehe!) I believe that as long as it’s higher than the inflation rate in the country which is at around 4% to 5% annually, it’s a wise move. Okay, maybe next time, I’ll go for 10% or higher. Haha.

proof of my trade as sent to me by COL Financial via email

On August 27th (just the other day!), I sold my 40 shares of First Philippine Holdings Corp. (FPH) at P81. I kept them for a total of 36 days before selling. I bought them at an average price of P73.89 per share. I’m using “average price” here because I bought the shares in staggered amount at different prices. For this transaction, my net gain/profit was P222.47 or 7.47% as indicated in the stock computation tool I downloaded from SmartPinoyInvestor.com. A small amount, yes, but it was certainly very meaningful to me. And hindi ko rin naman basta mapupulot ang halagang ‘yan, diba?
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