Lessons on Stock Market Investing, Vol. III

One year ago today, I opened an account with COL Financial and never looked back. I put money into my account whenever possible. It wasn’t on a regular basis, but I made sure to reach a certain amount before I celebrate my first year as a direct stock market investor. What do you know, I did it!

Somehow, I feel quite accomplished and empowered knowing that I have started taking the journey to financial freedom. I am still far from it, perhaps several years far, but my inner self tells me I’ll get there one day. And so I continue to believe in and work to realize my goal.

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3 Cash Dividend Payments in 1 Month

There are two ways to earn money in the stock market: capital appreciation and dividends. Last month, I was pleasantly surprised to receive three cash dividend payments. These were from the three companies in my stocks portfolio: Meralco (MER), Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) and Banco de Oro (BDO).

notice of cash dividend (MER)

As a newbie stock investor, this good news made me very happy. It was my first time to receive dividends, after all. The feeling was kind of surreal. Haha. They were just small amounts, but they were still passive income. I didn’t work for it; my money worked for it. And thinking about it now makes me more inspired to manage my finances better so I could continue making my money work for me (hello Mr. Robert Kiyosaki!).

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My First Selling Transaction in the Stock Market

While some investors wait for a gain of as high as 15% to 30% before selling a stock, I thought I’d settle for a lower percentage in my first selling transaction in the stock market. (It was my first, kaya medyo kinikilig at kinakabahan ako habang pinoprocess ko yan, hehe!) I believe that as long as it’s higher than the inflation rate in the country which is at around 4% to 5% annually, it’s a wise move. Okay, maybe next time, I’ll go for 10% or higher. Haha.

proof of my trade as sent to me by COL Financial via email

On August 27th (just the other day!), I sold my 40 shares of First Philippine Holdings Corp. (FPH) at P81. I kept them for a total of 36 days before selling. I bought them at an average price of P73.89 per share. I’m using “average price” here because I bought the shares in staggered amount at different prices. For this transaction, my net gain/profit was P222.47 or 7.47% as indicated in the stock computation tool I downloaded from SmartPinoyInvestor.com. A small amount, yes, but it was certainly very meaningful to me. And hindi ko rin naman basta mapupulot ang halagang ‘yan, diba?
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