3 Cash Dividend Payments in 1 Month

There are two ways to earn money in the stock market: capital appreciation and dividends. Last month, I was pleasantly surprised to receive three cash dividend payments. These were from the three companies in my stocks portfolio: Meralco (MER), Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) and Banco de Oro (BDO).

notice of cash dividend (MER)

As a newbie stock investor, this good news made me very happy. It was my first time to receive dividends, after all. The feeling was kind of surreal. Haha. They were just small amounts, but they were still passive income. I didn’t work for it; my money worked for it. And thinking about it now makes me more inspired to manage my finances better so I could continue making my money work for me (hello Mr. Robert Kiyosaki!).

notice of cash dividend (ALI)

notice of cash dividend (BDO)

I learned about the dividend payments because COL Financial sent me notices of cash dividend via email. I would find out later that you can also see it on the site by viewing your monthly ledger (Trade>Portfolio>Monthly Account Ledger). You can also check if the companies where you have shares of have upcoming dividend payments (Quotes>DivRights Calendar). (When I was still educating myself on all things dividends, this post helped me a lot.)

Are you also a stock investor? How did you feel when you received a dividend payout for the first time? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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10 Replies to “3 Cash Dividend Payments in 1 Month”

    1. Masarap nga, hehe. Lalo na siguro kung madami na stocks. Oo Grace, pag tingin mo ready ka na, try mo na pasukin ang stock market. Excited na ako for you! 🙂

  1. wow, that is soooo nice. i’ve been advised by a friend that if you’re going to buy stocks, it’s better to go for companies that give dividends because it gives you a chance to reinvest your earnings. maganda daw ang PLDT & Globe (higher dividends) kaya lang sobrang mataas ang price nila 🙂

  2. Very interesting. My husband is about to open an account with COL Financial.. He’s been reading up a lot about stocks. Congrats sa dividend.. kaya pala may pang-party ka eh haha

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