Weekend Story: Birthday Dinner with Friends

So, yesterday was my birthday and we were in Bacoor. We went home on Saturday night along with my parents because I requested them so. Haha. My mom helped me prepare a simple dinner for my friends who live around the area. We also invited a few of our neighbor-friends over.

the birthday girl and her simple feast

It was tiring to cook food but I still went ahead with it because it’s more economical to feed 20 people that way than treating them to a restaurant. Plus, I still have two more birthday dinners to host for my other friends so I have to stick to my budget. As it turned out, we had so much food left that night. We brought everything to Manila this morning for my siblings and my in-laws to enjoy.

some of my guests

Anyway, my friends said they liked everything I prepared naman. My menu was pretty simple, actually. I had roasted chicken, roasted vegetables, grilled liempo, grilled bangus, 5-sausage linguini, Monte Cristo sandwiches and rice. For desserts, I served them with my homemade chocolate cake but this time, I used chocolate frosting instead of ganache.

Our tiny house was filled with chatter and laughter that night. The hubby and I like it when we have guests at home. It does not only improve our social life but it also makes our house more alive, if you know what I mean.

On a related note, I received some birthday presents from family and friends. I’ll definitely take a picture of them as I’ll include them in my shopping fast‘s October report.

How was your weekend, friends? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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  1. Ang saya naman ng birthday mo :). I think it’s much better to celebrate birthdays at home than going out (you can always do this on special occasions, though) because you are adding/building happy memories associated with your house — as long as you don’t mind the extra work and time required to accommodate so many people at once.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad my guests took the time to go to our house. I agree, it’s better to entertain at home especially when you have many guests. I don’t mind the extra work at all. Exercise din yun eh. Pampayat sa akin. Hehe. 🙂

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