Senior Citizen Benefits

My mother turned 60 years old last July 30th. A few days after her birthday, we gathered all her important documents (birth certificate and valid ID are a must!) and she applied for a senior citizen card. With the help of our kind barangay chairman who filed her application on her behalf, she was able to get her card in just two days!

my happy mom

Mame was very ecstatic upon receiving her senior citizen ID. I accompanied her to SM Manila to have it laminated. Then, she used it right away when we had lunch at some fast food resto there. Haha. Talk about being excited!

After reading the notes on her medicine booklet that came with her card, I found out that aside from 20% discount on goods and services, senior citizens are also VAT-exempted. They are even entitled to a 5% discount on utilities like water and electricity provided that the account is under their names. Very nice.

Here in Manila, they can enter cinema houses on some days for free. When we inquired at SM Manila, they are free to watch movies there on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cool, ayt?

My two sisters who enjoy watching movies of their fave Hollywood stars on the big screen can’t wait to take her to movie dates. As for me, I can’t wait to take her to food trips. That 20% discount will surely help my budget. Haha.

Is your parent already a senior citizen? If yes, which city does she belong and what are the added perks? 🙂

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  1. Wowww!! Naamaze ako sa magagandang benefits ng senior citizens natin ha?! Pang gusto ko na din maging senior! Charot. Hehe. My mom will turn 60 in 2 years time. This was great to know Edel. =)

  2. Hi Edel! My parents are both proud senior citizens and being residents of Makati, they enjoy the following benefits, on top of those prescribed under R.A. 9994 (Expanded Senior Citizens Act) : free movie passes (kahet sa Rockwell), discounts at our government hospital here, free Birthday cake (na controversial ngayon hehe) and Christmas baskets. =)

    Ang medyo confuse lang ako is how establishments implement R.A. 9994. May iba kse na may ‘cap’ yung discounts na binibigay sa senior citizens and I know hindi dapat ganun.

    1. Wow, pareho na silang seniors. Yes, mas bongga nga daw sa Makati! I think it depends on the city; the richer, the more generous. Hehe. May “cap” nga sa ibang establishments, bat kaya ganun? 🙂

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