Saving for the Rainy Season

We’re right on the third quarter of the year and I just realized I have yet to meet half of my savings goal. Whatever happened to me? Where did my money go? Asking myself these questions has pointed me to some big purchases and financial transactions I made in the past months. Eventually it became clear to me. Aside from the new Longchamp bag, I spent most of my money paying for the tuition fees of my siblings, our home improvement projects, birthday celebrations of family members, and preparations for our upcoming trip abroad.

If there’s one thing I didn’t spend so much on, it would be healthcare. I’m thankful that my family, especially my parents, have not acquired any serious illnesses in the past months. I hope they continue to be in good health in the years to come. We all know how healthcare can cost a lot of money and in the case of serious health problems, can deplete the family’s savings and would even make you wish you had SSDI to depend on. I don’t think I’m financially prepared for that yet.

That’s why saving money has always been a priority to me. I want to be financially prepared for untimely and unavoidable expenses as soon as possible.

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  1. It’s always a must that you have a private health insurance. There are lots of reliable insurance providers in Manila that you can choose from. Also, since you are going abroad, you should avail of Travel Insurance. Never ever go to a trip without a T.I. especially when your pocket money is just enough for food and shopping. Remember, unexpected things happen. Having a travel insurance will give you peace of mind and save from future problems. For instance, when flight delays occur and you have to stay in a certain country for longer days, travel insurance will shoulder the hotel fees as well as your f&b. Travel insurance includes medical expenses, and more. Take time to ask your travel agent about it.

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