DIY Project: Beaded Jewelry

Last Saturday was fun. I thought it would be boring but it turned out to be a very productive one for me. I unboxed my old and dusty bead collection to make some beaded jewelry. I couldn’t believe I actually made a handful of fashionable necklaces and earrings in one sitting. Well, make that one whole day of sitting! It was a good thing I didn’t have work at the restaurant, otherwise it would’ve been impossible for me to engage in such a laborious, time-consuming activity.

my labor of love

Would you believe I created almost everything thru recycling. I was lucky to have found several broken necklaces, bracelets and earrings which ignited my creativity even more. I also saw a lot of spare acryclic stones, faux pearls and lobster claw locks which I put to good use. Had I gotten hold of some glue and spray paint, I would’ve been able to create more jewelry pieces. Maybe next time. Haha.

Who says a work-free Saturday can make a person less productive? In my case, it’s actually the opposite as my creative juices overflowed which allowed me to make handmade jewelry pieces that I could be proud of. 🙂

6 Replies to “DIY Project: Beaded Jewelry”

    1. Kapag nasa mood lang, Joy. Pero mas madalas tamad ako, hehe. Pero alam mo dream ko magbenta ng handcrafted necklaces. Yung mga statement necklaces ba. Yung may character. Kasi mahilig ako sa ganun. Tingnan na lang natin… 🙂

      1. goodluck edel. malay mo matuloy yung ganung business diba? I’ll be the first one na happy for you! virtual moral support! di pa kasi tayo nagkikita e, hehe! =)

  1. Namimiss ko na gumawa ng ganito! Nung college ako pumupunta pa ko sa Quiapo to buy beads eh ang layo na kasi from where I am staying now so hindi na ko nakakdalaw

    1. Naku, pareho tayo! Meron sa Quipo pa naman na Wellmanson’s ang name na store, hitik na hitik sa mga beads at iba pang gamit panggawa ng jewelries. 🙂

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