Best Hair Cut for My Face Shape

I’ve been contemplating on getting a new haircut lately. My hair at present is fugly to the nth level. It’s dry and completely out of shape. The effects of the rebonding treatment I had many months ago are gone. I’m also too lazy to give my hair its much needed TLC. I know I need to find a decent hair style that suits my face shape soon.

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Speaking of face shape, I just realized I didn’t know what exactly my face shape is. I used to think it was round. At one point in time I thought it was oblong. I have been confused about this thing which makes thinking about the perfect hair style for my face shape quite difficult. Until this afternoon when I had chanced upon this article and found out I’ve got an oval face. Yes, oval. And not round nor oblong.

I’m happy that oval faces (like mine) can carry most, if not all, hair styles very well. It must be the reason why I don’t have a problem sporting a new ‘do all the time. The only thing that usually restricts me from getting the most trendy hair cut is the texture of my hair which is wavy. Oh well, I still think I’m lucky for being oval-faced because of its limitless possibilities when it comes to hair styling.

My search for the best hair style for my oval-shaped face starts today. I have yet to find the best hair style for me but I’m firmed in my decision to go for a short hair cut. I’m tired of sporting a long ‘do even if it meant more style ideas. I’m thinking of a pixie cut or an apple cut, whichever looks better on me.

Whatcha think?

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