Big Blister on My Left Foot

It happened so fast. I just wore my new shoes to the office one random weekday. It’s a black, open-toed pair in three-inch heels. I don’t know how to describe it correctly but it has a shoe lace. I hope you get the idea. Okay, on with my story. When I had gotten home after wearing the shoes in the office for eight long hours, I saw this big blister on my left foot. It started to form a bubble filled with water and eventually, mixed with some puss. Days later the bubble burst open. Ewwww.

I had to take care of my left foot for weeks. At first, I didn’t apply any wound remedy on it but when the bubble burst open and the wound became swollen, I had to buy some Betadine to treat the effing blister. Betadine always do wonders to wound of all kinds. After a few days, my blister is gone. I only have scar as proof that I had it. But it won’t stay that long as I’m using my ever-dependable scar remover called Cebo de Macho. Thank God for effective scar removers. Haha.

So, what’s gonna happen to the shoes that gave me such pain in the foot? I’ll wear it again, of course. But I’ll be very careful next time by wearing socks with them. I need socks that have opening in front. Problem is, do department stores have them? I’ll find out this weekend when I hit the mall.

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