Hives Attack

For two consecutive days last week, I experienced hives attack. When I got up on the first day, I noticed red patches on my arms, elbows, legs, back shoulders, and even butt. I haven’t experienced any allergies before so I got a bit alarmed. I thought maybe I ate something that caused it. I didn’t mind it much and thought it would just go away on its own.

When I got awakened early morning of the second day, around 4:00 a.m., I felt freezing cold. When I checked my body I saw swollen, red patches all over. As in, all over. That was when it dawned on me the culprit could be the extreme cold. We left the windows opened and the electric fan turned on, too. I immediately closed the windows and switched the fan off. I also got a blanket from my closet and wrapped it around my body, with only my face showing while I was lying down. When I woke up again at 7:00 a.m., the red patches were all gone like I didn’t have them earlier.

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A New Beauty Regimen

It’s been a week since I reunited with a facial product I have used before but discontinued using just because I was too lazy taking care of my face. But the new year has come and so has my drive. I dunno with you but each new year never fails to give me motivation, inspiration and new perspectives. Actually, when new year arrived, I didn’t say any resolutions and instead, I set some goals. Only realistic goals, though. I didn’t want to get disappointed with myself and the world.

Aside from losing weight, I also decided to take care of my skin. I started with my face because I felt it should be prioritized since this is the first to be seen when I deal with various people at home, at work and even online.

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Big Blister on My Left Foot

It happened so fast. I just wore my new shoes to the office one random weekday. It’s a black, open-toed pair in three-inch heels. I don’t know how to describe it correctly but it has a shoe lace. I hope you get the idea. Okay, on with my story. When I had gotten home after wearing the shoes in the office for eight long hours, I saw this big blister on my left foot. It started to form a bubble filled with water and eventually, mixed with some puss. Days later the bubble burst open. Ewwww.

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