Sucker for Skirts

I’m a sucker for skirts. I’ll prefer them over jeans any day. Even if I have big and hairy legs and my popliteal fossa (undersides of the knees) have turned darker after I got pregnant, I don’t care as long as I’m comfortable and feeling feminine wearing my skirts.

my new thinspiration skirt!

I dunno but skirts give me greater mobility and comfort than jeans or pants do. I’m partial to short skirts over long ones. Two inches or just above the knee are usually okay with me. I wear my skirts with anything: printed blouses, plain tops, blazers, etc. I wear skirts at work, in parties or just when I’m out in the mall or the supermarket.

Actually, I’d wear skirts all the time if my wardrobe would allow it. But you know, there are instances when the situation calls for a pair of pants or jeans to be worn (like when all my skirts are in the laundry basket already waiting to be washed!) and the sucker for skirts in me couldn’t do anything but to wear something more readily available. 🙂

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