Dressing Up for Work

Dressing up is fun, especially when you’re a girl. While I’m a self-proclaimed, low-maintenance gal, I also enjoy dressing up once in a while. In fact, one of the goals I set this year is to dress properly at work. You know, taking the corporate attire thing seriously even if I’m just working in a government office.

Dressing up for work (or otherwise) is more fun if your wardrobe is always updated. Regular shopping for new clothes is good, but only if you can afford it. Sometimes, all you need is some creativity and imagination. You can actually mix and match clothes without looking cheap and unsophisticated. You can use up old clothes and make them look brand new to the eyes of your workmates. Add some nice accessories to your outfit, for instance. It’s a sure way to glam up your office attire.

To remind myself to dress up more often, you might just see outfit posts here in the coming days!

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