On Opening Christmas Gifts

Giving and exchanging gifts during the Christmas season is a tradition in the Philippines and probably in other countries in the world where Christmas is celebrated. Are you the kind of person who waits for Christmas to arrive before opening your presents or the type who opens them as soon as you have received them? I belong to the latter.

I open my Christmas gifts as soon as it has been handed over to me. I dunno know with you but I get too excited like that. I guess it’s the warm, fuzzy feeling I get upon knowing that someone has remembered me or thought about me. May the gift is as plain as a face towel or as cool as the best arch support inserts, I appreciate it and look at it as a blessing.

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Christmas Menu

Have you planned your Christmas menu yet? As for me, it’s gonna be effortless because the hubby and I are having the traditional Noche Buena with my side of the family at our parents’ place in Cavite. I don’t have any idea what my siblings planned to prepare but I’m guessing it’s gonna be a decent spread.

But since we’re spending the afternoon of the 25th in our home, I might just cook one or two dishes for a few expected guests. Two of my godchildren are showing up, too, as I was told by their moms. Hmmm, I need to prepare something sweet and filling for the kids. And the kids-at-heart. Haha.

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New Stuff for Christmas

If you’re a Filipino like me, you grew up as a kid getting pamasko or aguinaldo (Christmas presents) from your parents, siblings, relatives, godparents and family friends. It could be in the form of material gifts or just plain cash (which I preferred and still prefer up to this day!).

Now that I’m an adult, I don’t just rely on anyone for new stuff whenever the Christmas season arrives. While I appreciate receiving gifts from family and friends, I also buy myself Christmas presents. It’s like my reward to myself for all the hard work I’ve done this year. The gift could be expensive or not, so long as it’s the one I really want. To give you an example, I almost purchase this yoga pillow at yogadirect had I not suddenly realized I’m not yet into yoga. Haha.

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Internal Arrangements

Now that I’m married, planning for Christmas and New Year celebrations is a must. As early as the day after our wedding, the hubby and I have already made “internal arrangements” as to where we would celebrate the two special occasions. Christmas would be with my side of the family while the New Year would be with his. Fair enough.

Things were different when I was still single. It’s a must that we stick together at home. When the hubby and I became a couple, I remember celebrating a few New Year’s with them. There was even one New Year celebration where they invited my family over. It was a fun celebration complete with parlor games, prizes, gifts, fireworks and of course, lots of food.

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Food as Christmas Gift

It’s not everyday that we are gifted with food and more food. This usually happens during the Christmas season when people give food as presents to their friends. Binge eating during Christmas becomes more tempting with the many food choices we get as presents.

This is especially true in our office where food gifts come aplenty. They are mostly in bread and pastry forms. Even the food gifts received by our boss she happily shares with us. Opening these presents never fails to put big smiles on my face and those of my officemates. Good thing our boys have a heavy duty cutter (that looks like a Martor USA box cutter!) on stand by which makes opening a lot easier. Haha.

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Time to Party

Christmas parties are always fun. Just like birthdays, they only happen once a year which make them more special. Our first Christmas party as a married couple was the one in our village where we met and socialize with both new and old neighbors that we don’t get to see everyday.

While most parties are uncomplicated, there are some that require you to show some efforts. Like those that impose a costume for the attendees. But you have to admit there’s fun in that, ayt? For this party I’m going to that requests people to show up in a themed attire, for instance, I feel like wearing one of those Fur Cowboy Hats to make myself unique. Why not? Haha.

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