Weekend Story: Enjoying the Outdoors

Last weekend was quite hectic. On Saturday, we visited the condo and had some fixtures installed in our drying/storage area. The hubby and I were with Mame and my sister Jodie. And since we were already there, we also swam in the pool for a good 30 minutes. Our entire Sunday was spent with baby NJ who’s growing to be more cheerful and independent each day. She loves strolling around the village (actually, it’s more of along our street lang!). It’s a good thing there are also some babies in our area that she sees and interacts with when we are outside. Siguro paglaki nila, sila rin ang magiging magba-barkada, hehe.

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The Big Purchase (a.k.a. Our First Real Estate Investment as a Married Couple)

On February 8, 2018, the hubby and I made a major decision to buy a two-bedroom condo unit with service area and parking slot from a local developer. Project location is also in Bacoor but it cuts our travel time going to work in Manila by 6km from the average 24km. Coastal Road is merely a minute away which translates to a later departure each weekday morning when the time comes that we live there for good. Exciting times ahead!

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