Back to Work

My vacation is over and I’m now back to work. It’s Monday and you can sense the busyness in the air. I felt a bit excited but awkward this morning when I entered the office, but eventually got focused and productive. As I had expected, I got bombarded with questions about my health and overall well-being. I just answered them either with a one-sentence reply or a plain smile. I dunno but maybe I was just not my usual, talkative self yet.

Being back to work after two months of vacation is something new to me. It was my first time to experience a maternity leave and the result of my pregnancy wasn’t exactly something to be happy about. I was clueless as to how things would go once I have gotten back in the office. But at the rate things went today at work, I think I did quite okay.

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Back to Normal

Back to normal, I’d like to think that’s the state of things today. Yesterday was chaotic. Typhoon Pedring (international name: Nesat) battered Manila and several provinces with gusty winds and rainfall. It was actually more wind than rain. I swear, I could hear the whistles and howls of the winds from our windows. It was scary. It didn’t help that we had no power the entire day. It was a good thing work and classes were suspended.

I was at home with my two siblings all day. My mom, dad and sister N braved the typhoon and joined a few relatives in going to the wake of my aunt in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija. They planned to attend the last night of her wake and the burial service scheduled this morning. They arrived in the town last night, but not before getting stranded at a zig-zaggy road leading to my aunt’s house. The water from the river went above the bridge they were about to cross. They had to wait for a few hours for the flood waters to subside. I kept calling my mom to check on their well-being and I was extremely relieved when I got a text from her informing that they finally reached their destination.

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