La Milagrosa’s Famous Sotanghon

Aside from the well-conducted lectures and the fun discussions, what I remember most about the 3-day seminar I finished yesterday was the food. You see, we were provided with three delicious meals per day and they were all prepared and served to us by La Milagrosa, one of the well-known caterers in Manila.


As a food lover, I eat almost everything served to me. There are just a few dishes that I’m not a fan of and one of them is sotanghon. I don’t like it both as soup and as a noodle dish. La Milagrosa’s sotanghon, however, made me a convert. Their sotanghon (the noodle dish) was very good. It was very simple as it only had chicken strips, some mushroom and garlic bits as toppings. Boy, was it so delicious! The sotanghon noodles were firm and were tasty and flavorful in itself. The toppings were just a bonus.

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