Weekend Story: Couple Time + Shopping for Birthday and Christmas Gifts

Last weekend flew by swiftly for the hubby and me and we were out most of the time. On Saturday, we drove to Powerplant Mall in Makati because we wanted to buy each other birthday presents (our birthdays are just one week apart). And since it was also our 14th anniversary as a couple last October 18th, anniversary gift na rin daw, haha. I wanted to get a new bag to replace my worn-out and overused Longchamp bag but didn’t find anything that caught my fancy. I was eyeing this particular Coach bag but the price at the store was just too much. I just told the hubby I’d ask a relative abroad who’s vacationing in the US to look for it there. I’m sure mas malaking mura dun! He, on the other hand, was able to get a leather crossbody bag (as birthday/anniversary present from me) which he plans to use when he attends work-related seminars/conferences in and out of town (he has one this week!).

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Weekend Story: 3S’s (Sweet, Simple, and Special)

Our last long weekend can be described in 3S’s: sweet, simple, and special. Mame and my sister Jodie joined the hubby and me in Bacoor. They were not without plans. Jodie, for instance, had asked me to accompany her in getting a formal suit. She plans to give her “dream job” a shot and I’m fully supporting her. Mame, on the other hand, just wanted to bond with her eldest child and her favorite son-in-law. Haha.

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Birthday Weekend

The hubby and I celebrated my birthday last Saturday simply and quietly. I was expecting for a surprise from him but he didn’t have any. Haha. He failed me this time, but it’s no big deal. He just told me to get something for myself when we went to the mall on my exact birthday and paid for it. So, what did I buy? No, I didn’t get the military challenge coin online I saw last month that would have started my dream coin collection. Instead, I got two things: the dress and the pair of shoes I had been eyeing for weeks. Yes, I finally have them now. Good things really happen to those who wait.

blue casual dress and houndstooth flats

If it was a red velvet cake for the hubby for his birthday, this time I made myself a no-bake blueberry cheesecake. I got the recipe from a friend’s blog and the cake turned out to be good, but not good enough for me. The crust broke when I sliced it (I overdid the sugar) and the cake itself wasn’t as smooth as I’d liked it to be. (Yes, I think I really need to get an electric mixer soon.) The taste was fantastic, though. The canned blueberry filling I bought from the supermarket wasn’t too sweet which I thought was a good thing as it balanced out the flavors of the cake.

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Joint Birthday Celebration, Individual Birthday Gifts

The fiancee and I were done with our birthday trip. We’re glad it turned out to be so much fun. What made it extra special was the fact that it was our first international travel. Now what comes next, at least for me, is the joint birthday celebration of yours truly, my younger sister N and our dad. He’s celebrating his birthday on the 30th and we plan to just eat out somewhere in Makati along with the fiancee’s family on the same day.

I also want to buy presents for my sister and my dad, but I’m still undecided what to give them. My sister N wants a new phone but I can’t afford that at present. Besides, I’m still gonna pay for her capital share for the try-out business she’s starting with her classmates (school requirement). If she were about to get married, a set of wedding night lingerie would be perfect. But she’s still single and currently has no BF yet so that’s out of the question. Perhaps, some fashionable clothes will do?

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Cool Birthday Gift Ideas, Anyone?

Birthdays are always an opportune time to shower our loved ones with attention and love. Different people have different ways of making the birthday celebrant feel extra special on his natal day. While some show their thoughtfulness by throwing a surprise party, others give the coolest birthday gift. In our family, birthdays are celebrated simply and intimately. If we have the funds, we throw a party (not necessarily a surprise one, though) and when there is budget constraints, we just think of the perfect birthday gift.

Today is my sister N’s birthday. She’s now 20 years old. She’s a simple girl with a golden heart. I was thinking of getting her a new watch as birthday present. But then I realized she already have a few watches that she doesn’t even get to wear them all. Now I’m wondering if a funny t-shirt from foulmouthshirts.com would do since she’s also a funny girl and is very easy to please. Hmmm, why not?

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It’s His Birthday!

Remember when I said October was such a heavy month for us when it came to celebrations? I wasn’t kidding. In fact, the celebration has officially begun. It’s the fiancé’s birthday today! I wanted to be the first to greet him a happy birthday so I stayed in his room until midnight. We were both tinkering with our laptops and minding our own businesses but when the clock struck 12, I just had to stop to greet him and give him hugs and kisses. Haha.

I can’t believe he’s 32 already (he’s four years my senior). How time flies! I’m happy to know that as he ages, his level of maturity and his sense of responsibility improve, too. He’s been such a loving, caring, nurturing, sweet, kind and patient fiancé to me. I really can’t ask for more. In our relationship, he’s the giver and I’m the taker most of the time. I guess it’s because of our age gap. Nonetheless, we get along very well and we love each other’s families. No counting of shortcomings and misgivings, just sharing pure and faithful love.

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