BPI Credit Card Promo Gives You Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen and Taco Bell Treats!

I know this is a bit late, but as they say, better late than never. Calling all BPI credit cardholders, BPI is giving you more free treats from three restaurants under the Pizza Hut Group in exchange for your charge slips! This particular promo is up until May 7, 2011. All you need to do is shop, shop and shop. Show your charge slips to the participating establishment and you instantly get entitled to a free treat or two.

The boyfriend and his sister A are both BPI cardholders and whenever there is promo like this, I automatically get included in the fun. Sometimes, the free treats even come from my own purchases using their credit cards. Haha. To know what treats are in store for you from this exciting BPI credit card promo, just click after the jump…

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An Impulsive Shopping Spree and BPI’s Latest Credit Card Promo

I don’t have a BPI credit card but the boyfriend’s sister has one. That’s why a few weeks after BPI launched one of its exciting promos, I ended up shopping with her. Actually, I didn’t see it coming last Monday night. I thought I’d just stroll the mall with her and the boyfriend while the rest of the Philippines was busy finding out who were leading the polls (read: barangay elections). But, before I knew it, I had already committed to pay for my purchases with clasped hands and a silly grin.

So, what is this particular promo all about? BPI credit cards let you shop and do deferred payment at 0% interest for a minimum purchase of P5,000. It’s quite self-explanatory if you’ll ask me. You shop for a few months worth of supplies and pay for your purchases in installment within six long months. It’s practical and at the same time, convenient. And who wouldn’t be tempted if there are tons of participating stores offering the same promo mechanics?

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