More Road Trips to Come

It looks like we’ll be having more road trips than actual travels this year. Two weeks ago, my Superfriend bought her first car. It’s a brand new Suzuki Celerio, a sturdy but girly car methinks. My fiance and I were with her from the moment she checked out the car and decided to buy it to the point where she took her new car home.

superf new car

Last Saturday, we took SC (her car’s name) on a road trip to Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Since my Superfriend was still learning to drive, it was the fiance who drove it for her. While on the road, he couldn’t help but teach her some driving lessons. He also reminded her to always drive carefully and defensively since she would be passing through the busy expressway to and from work. Unless she wants to meet an accident and rely to some roadside assistance club for help.

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A New Car, Baby!

No, it’s not mine but I have every reason to be happy about the boyfriend’s recent purchase of a brand new car. It’s a Nissan Sentra, 2008 model. The color is steel gray and I love how it looks cool on the eyes. Yesterday, the boyfriend picked me up in the office using it. We were both ecstatic. We never thought 2011 will be this comfortable and convenient for us, transportation wise.

our new car with the boyfriend’s mom

Of course, the happiness is felt by the two families (his and mine). It’s gonna be our service vehicle because we share things together and we treat each other as family already. Haha. Now I’m wondering what the next step will be. Oooooops, not what most of you might be thinking right now but we’re going to that part in the near future.

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