On Sticking to One’s Budget

If there’s one thing I used to hate myself from doing, it’s my not sticking to the budget I set for myself. Whenever I’d overspend and lack funds to pay for my bills, I’d blame myself for not taking my finances seriously.

Fortunately, I’ve learned my lesson already. I now look at my finances in a more mature way. I make it a point to pay my bills on time and down to the last centavo. The good result? It saves me from headaches and panic attacks. Plus, it gives me peace of mind knowing that I get to pay my obligations and track my money well.

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Some Practical Household Tips

I just called MERALCO hotline 16211 and found out I have no bills to pay them for the month of March for our Cavite household. This happened because my parents (who are the current occupants there) have been staying with us here in Manila for more than a month now. They were supposed to stay here until after my brother’s birthday (February 23rd) only but they ended up staying longer than planned.

I can’t overemphasize the beauty and the advantages of living together as a family. Economically speaking, this translates to lesser expenses because we get to share meals, home supplies, and utilities. But this isn’t our normal setup and sooner or later, my parents will go back to where they like to live better, they’re humble Cavite abode.

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