Weekend Story: Chill and More Chill

Last weekend was all about rest. We weren’t able to go biking because 1)the hubby had class in grad school and 2)the weather was gloomy. So, we just did the next best thing — chill. And more chill! In our Bacoor home, that is.

We drove home on Saturday night and went back to Manila early morning of Monday. It was one of those weekends that we just ate, slept, cuddled, and minded our own business. It couldn’t be any better than that!

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Weekend Story: Eating and Biking Galore

Last weekend was filled with eating and biking, hence, the title. It started on Friday night when the hubby and I, along with my in-laws, went to Blue Bay Walk on Macapagal Blvd. My PILs suddenly decided to dine out to remember the 6th death anniversary of the hubby’s aunt (we miss you, Mamala!) in advance.

gambas pasta
Conti’s Pasta con Gambas hits the spot (magluluto ako nito sa Bacoor one weekend!)

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Family Bonding Time

Last Wednesday night, I had a fun time bonding with my mom, my brother and my two sisters. We went to SM Manila to have dinner together. The restaurant was Kebabers and I’m still thinking if I’ll write a review of it or not. The Persian food they served us was ordinary and I found the servings small and the price quite expensive for a fast food.


Anyway, right after dinner, my sister and I headed to our fave nail salon called Buff Spa to get a pedicure. This one I’m gonna write a review about because I’ve always been delighted by their service. One day when I have the time and some pictures, I guess.

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