Life’s Little Worries

When things get worrisome, I’m the first to react. I worry a lot, you know. I even used to be a serious negative thinker. But my worries are never shallow. They have bases. They can happen. Oftentimes, though, my worries go away on their own. It’s either I have devised a plan to avert the problem or I have received God’s graces just when I needed them.

One of the things I worry about is my parents’s well-being. They’re growing older and older by the day. Soon, they’d get sick and would need substantial health care. I hope and pray when that time comes, I’d be capable of helping them. Like I could afford getting them adult diapers at and pay for their hospital bill. That’s why I’m saving up money to be able to get them reliable health insurance. The earlier I can do this, the better.

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Patience is a Virtue

Just because it hasn’t come yet doesn’t mean you have to lose hope and give up on your dream. This is what I have been constantly telling myself the past few days. I’ve been waiting for something and right now I find ‘waiting’ a bit unbearable already. My family and friends say I should never surrender. A new friend tells me exactly the same thing. She’s been an inspiration and an encouraging force to me since Day 1.

It’s been a month since that fateful day. I was only armed with a pinch of confidence and an ounce of dogged determination. I was only strengthened by good intentions and a pure heart. In the beginning, I was a little nervous but eventually I took control of things. Or so I thought.

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