Crisp Peso Bills

I had some money changed to new and crisp Philippine peso bills (P20’s and P100s) through my SIL who works in a bank. Crisp peso bills are a must during Christmas here in Manila. They are a good alternative to the usual presents given and received during Christmas.

my remaining crisp peso bills at home

I used to collect crisp peso bills as a kid. I actually preferred receiving them over material gifts given to me by my generous godparents. Now that I’m an adult, I still keep some of them and find it hard to spend them because they smell good, feel nice in the hand and look good inside my wallet.

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas has finally arrived! I hope you are having a merry one. The hubby and I joined my family for Noche Buena last midnight and we just got back home from my parents’ place this morning.

On our way home, we saw lots of children dressed to the nines ready to pay their godparents a visit for their aguinaldo. I felt happy just looking at them. Oh what joy the Christmas spirit brings!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

I was asked by the hubby the other day to get a gift for one of his goddaughters and I said yes instantly. It gave me reason to shop, after all. Haha. Whenever I buy gifts for girls, my top choice is always dresses. I love seeing girls wearing dresses. Beautiful dresses make girls look feminine and fragile which are what they should look like at such a young age.

I usually buy dresses for girls at the department store section of the mall. There’s a lot of brands to choose from in the place. The more choices you have, the better. But of course another factor to consider is your budget. Now if you could find a dress that’s beautiful and priced reasonably at the same time, you’re lucky.

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Holiday Rush

Going to the mall a few days before Christmas is not the best idea I had today. SM Bacoor this afternoon when we went there, and up to the time we left it, was jampacked with people. I really felt the holiday rush each second I was there. Like seriously.

Good thing I was with the hubby and my brother who are very patient people. They let me do my thing (what else but shopping!) without rushing me up. While my brother and I were looking for gifts to complete our lists, the hubby hit the cinema house to watch a movie.

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On Opening Christmas Gifts

Giving and exchanging gifts during the Christmas season is a tradition in the Philippines and probably in other countries in the world where Christmas is celebrated. Are you the kind of person who waits for Christmas to arrive before opening your presents or the type who opens them as soon as you have received them? I belong to the latter.

I open my Christmas gifts as soon as it has been handed over to me. I dunno know with you but I get too excited like that. I guess it’s the warm, fuzzy feeling I get upon knowing that someone has remembered me or thought about me. May the gift is as plain as a face towel or as cool as the best arch support inserts, I appreciate it and look at it as a blessing.

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Christmas Menu

Have you planned your Christmas menu yet? As for me, it’s gonna be effortless because the hubby and I are having the traditional Noche Buena with my side of the family at our parents’ place in Cavite. I don’t have any idea what my siblings planned to prepare but I’m guessing it’s gonna be a decent spread.

But since we’re spending the afternoon of the 25th in our home, I might just cook one or two dishes for a few expected guests. Two of my godchildren are showing up, too, as I was told by their moms. Hmmm, I need to prepare something sweet and filling for the kids. And the kids-at-heart. Haha.

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