Merry Christmas!

Christmas has finally arrived! I hope you are having a merry one. The hubby and I joined my family for Noche Buena last midnight and we just got back home from my parents’ place this morning.

On our way home, we saw lots of children dressed to the nines ready to pay their godparents a visit for their aguinaldo. I felt happy just looking at them. Oh what joy the Christmas spirit brings!

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Christmas Money

Are you the kind who allot a particular amount of money for Christmas? I am. And I do this for other special occasions as well. This Christmas, I’m relying on the bonuses I am expecting to receive at work. Hopefully, our employer gives it on time for me to be able to shop gifts for my loved ones. I can’t wait.

I actually have a list in my head. I have already bought some items on it while the others I have yet to acquire. I also have some things that I want for the house. It’s like giving our house the Christmas gifts it deserves. These include new towels and bed sheets, new set of plates and some cushion for chair (just because the removable cushion of our dining chairs are already out of shape!).

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