Weekend Story: Homebound

Last weekend was spent mostly at home. It was another boring weekend that we enjoyed to the fullest. I am actually thankful for the opportunity to laze around and rest. Aside from cooking our meals, I just went the Netflix-and-chill route the entire Saturday, hahaha. I got to finish a TV series and still had time to play games (Tongits and Toy Blast) on my iPad Mini. Meanwhile, my extended family (except for my father who opted to stay home) was having a grand time at some posh resort in Puerto Galera for our cousin’s birthday celebration.

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Weekend Story: Chores and Family Time

Last weekend was quite memorable. It started early on Friday night when my superfriend Nice and I met up with our keto mentor/accountability partner/friend Mai at Yakimix MOA to pig out have dinner together. It was our first time to see Mai and vice versa. She’s such a nice girl who’s so mature for her age. No wonder we get along pretty well, hahaha.

For this particular weekend in Bacoor, the hubby and I focused on two things: chores and family. On Saturday, we were able to go to the wet market, visit a cemetery for the anniversary of a departed relative, and make a quick trip to S&R Imus. On Sunday, we got to hear the morning mass at our neighborhood church, wash our clothes, clean the house, watch Netflix, eat homecooked meals, and spend time with my family next door. Happy times!

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Weekend Story: More Family Time in Bacoor

So I guess now that we’re neighbors in Bacoor, I’ll get to spend more quality time with my family than ever. It’s a great feeling knowing that they’re literally closer to us. I can easily check on my parents and siblings and enjoy all the perks (and maybe even some challenges, too!) that come with living close to our loved ones.

One thing I love about this new set up is the sharing of food or meals. Because I now watch what I eat to maintain my “small” frame (naks, Edel!), even if I cook up a big batch of food, they’d get finished in no time and won’t have to stay long in the ref. The hubby is the happiest here because he no longer has to eat the same viand for three consecutive mealtimes, hahaha.

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