COL Financial’s Mobile App is Now Here!

I have recently opened an account with COL Financial and so far, my experience with this online broker has been pretty good. I don’t have any gains from my stocks yet (hopefully my money will start growing soon!) but I try to keep calm and steady. I now see myself as a risk-taker kind of investor so I believe everything’s gonna be okay sooner or later. But anyway, the good news I want to share is that they finally launched their mobile app!

col mobile app

I actually learned about this development from my college friend who posted about it on Facebook. Being an iPhone user, I immediately followed the instructions and downloaded the app. (As per the poster above, Android and tablet versions are not yet available.) The information you can find inside are almost complete: stocks portfolio, stock codes, buy and sell orders, trading info, stock market updates, etc. It’s not user-friendly at the moment and the interface is not so good, either. But let’s give COL Financial the time to improve/upgrade it in the coming days or months.

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