Home and Design Blogs

Aside from lifestyle and food blogs, reading home and design blogs never fails to make me feel good. Actually, they inspire me. Inspiration, that’s the operative word. Looking at newly made-over rooms, effortlessly beautiful spaces, pieces of furniture that were modified to create new looks for the home, DIY projects, arts and crafts, and other design inspirations gives me a high (the good kind, of course!). These blogs make me want to do exactly what they’re doing to their homes to my own home. If only my space is as lovely as theirs, or I’m as rich or as creative as they are.

I hope to paint our place yellow someday! (like this image taken from here)

But I’m not. I will have to save up money first before venturing in a home improvement project. With our finances right now, I can’t just buy new items to add to our house. You know what I just do? I make a list of the things I wanna copy or adapt from so that when the time comes that I already have the resources to use in my projects (DIY or otherwise), I can easily plan and make my move. Isn’t that smart? Haha.

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