Lusting Over a New Gadget

The mobile phone I’m using at present is a Nokia E63. It’s been with me since last year and so far, it’s been working perfectly. I’m careless (or is it clumsy?) when it comes to my phone. It slips through my hands without my knowing it. Accidents do happen, but in the case of my phone, I think I’m the accident that it needs to guard itself from at all times.

But my Nokia E63 is a tough gadget. The jelly bean case that holds it makes it all the more durable. Despite the many times I’ve dropped it on the floor (at varying heights and degrees), it has remained in tip-top shape. I have come to realize that this is the right phone for me. I couldn’t ask for more, until I saw some tablet touch screens at SM Cyberzone the other day. I was torn between the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. There was also the Blackberry Playbook which had sleek and stylish design.

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