Must Love Orange

I love orange, both the color and the fruit. I wear orange-colored tops even if they make me look darker than I already am. For me, orange is a vibrant color and helps brighten my mood. As with the fruit, I eat oranges not only because of its Vitamin C content but also because of its citrusy, sweet taste.


The rainy season makes me crave for oranges. Whenever I feel that I’m going to catch cold, I eat oranges to prevent it. I just can’t afford to get sick and be idle. Especially these days when I’m always swamped with work and there’s very little time for me to do the things I love: watching Korean dramas, checking out my fave blogs, marveling at the latest sportswear and stickem archery equipment, experimenting in the kitchen, reading a book and going out with the fiancee.

Do you like orange as well?

The Joy and Meaning of Shopping

This is not to say that I’m turning into a big time shopaholic. I just want to share with you my shopping habit. While I have long been a frugal person, I also occasionally indulge in shopping either to reward myself for a hard day’s work or simply be happy over a cute but useful purchase. When you’re a disciplined shopper, the joy of shopping will never get replaced by headaches due to overspending or credit card debts that went beyond control.

I shopped twice last weekend and thought I got some great deals. One was in Baclaran and the other was at the Dept. Store of Robinsons Place Manila. I spent 500 bucks on the former and a little over a thousand on the latter. The two unplanned shopping trips made me happy, content and inspired. Yes, I got inspired because my purchases, which include a pair of flat shoes, four pairs of earrings, one ring, one belt, two tops, one dress and one blazer, will serve as part of my investment to achieve my second goal for 2011. When you shop for a purpose, shopping becomes meaningful.

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Goal No. 2: Dress Up More Often

When it comes to fashion, I’m anything but outdated. I get to know the latest trends by reading fashion magazines and blogs and by checking out what local celebrities are wearing on TV. Other than that, I know nothing more about fashion and dressing up.

my office outfit one random weekday

Speaking of dressing up, I have decided that this 2011, I would dress up more often both at work and when going out. This goal will allow me to achieve four things: 1) wear the many new items in my closet that are starting to accumulate dust, 2) be more confident about my body, 3) develop my personal style and unleash the ‘fashionista’ in me 4) please the boyfriend, my family, my friends and myself.

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