Weekend Story: Surprise Visit, Food Trip, and Lotsa Talking

Last weekend was terrific and extra fun. My mom and my cousin Ate Hazel joined the hubby and me for the weekend at our Bacoor home. We did a lot of eating and talking. We also paid a surprise visit to an uncle whom we hadn’t seen for a long time.

I think the hubby and I are having a great time welcoming guests to our humble abode. Financially speaking, it translates to additional expenses, but the happy memories we create with these wonderful people are definitely worth it. Not only do we get to strengthen our ties with our family and friends, but we also learn and experience new things with them that make us appreciate our married life better. It’s actually a win-win situation for us.

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Some Thoughts on Dining Out

While dining out is fun, it can get expensive. As much as I wanted to skip dining out to save money, I can’t. There’s a lot of new and old restaurants to try, which means there’s also a lot of good food to taste and a lot of good company to have a fun time with.

While entertaining at home is also a good option, many people prefer dining out today when meeting with friends or spending some quality time with their loved ones. It’s must be because it’s more convenient and requires less effort than cooking food and setting up the dining table and cleaning up the mess after. Personally, I do enjoy entertaining at home despite all the hassles, but only during special occasions and when I’m in the mood for laboring in the kitchen (which is seldom).

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