Weekend Story: Birthday + Family Reunion + Quezon Memorial Circle + Meet-Up with Friends

Last weekend was super fun. The hubby and I, along with my SIL Albie stayed overnight in Bacoor on Friday. By Saturday afternoon, we were already back in Manila. The hubby and I joined my side of the family in driving up to Antipolo to attend the 70th birthday celebration of my aunt which doubled as a family reunion for the Mabalays. The venue was the sprawling garden of her son’s new family home. Each of the nine sibling’s family was there so it was epic. Have I mentioned before my father had eight siblings? Actually, there were supposedly 10 of them but one died when he was a still a baby and currently, there are only five of them still alive and kicking.

Personally, I am grateful to the Villanueva family (the birthday celebrant’s family) for hosting the party and hopefully, there’ll be more occasions like that to happen in the future. Nothing beats being with people who are close to your heart. Even if we don’t see each other often because of distance, we get updated on social media naman and make sure to be there for each other whenever necessary. Last Saturday night was a testament that our family ties are still as strong as ever.

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Friends Forever

I’m not the friendly type of girl. In fact, I normally get the impression of being either suplada (snobbish) or mahiyain (shy) from people. But once we have gotten along, you’ll see me as a jolly and genuine person. I bet I can make you laugh, too. (My husband has a better sense of humor than I have, though.)

I have many friends, but the ones close to me are just few. Those few close friends that I have, I really treasure and take care of our friendship. I may not be always on their side or see them often, but they know I’m just here and I’ll be there when they’d need me. I am constantly updated of their lives thru social media. I take pride of their achievements and get sad when they have experienced or experiencing something bad.

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