Home Improvement Project: Front Extension

Armed with the PhilHealth refund check we received in May, some extra money and additional funds from my PILs, we have finally pushed through the construction of our front extension. We hired our old contractor Ronald and his team for the job which took almost three weeks to finish.

the finished product (sorry it’s been raining a lot these days, hence, the sinampay)

We built concrete fences on both sides, a metal gate with matching metal grills in front, polycarbonate roofing and tiled flooring. We also asked Ronald to put a hanging sink with wooden counter tops (using my MIL’s narra scraps) in one corner so we could do some cooking and cleaning outside the house. This will come in handy when we’d have guests coming over or we’d suddenly decide to hold a last-minute party with our families.

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Mirror Thoughts

How to make a room look bigger than it really is? Use mirrors! That’s what the hubby and I plan to add to our living room to create an illusion of space. The last time we checked, a decorative mirror can cost anywhere from P5,000 to P10,000 (ouch, so pricey!), depending on the size and the design we want. We’ll see.

Speaking of mirrors, there’s a different mirror that the hubby seems to want to get for our car. Just the other day, I saw him sneakily browsing this site that had a vast chrome mirror covers selection. I’m betting he’s gonna tell me all about it very soon. Haha.

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Our Green Room

The master’s bedroom in our Bacoor home is green-themed. We didn’t really plan for it. It just so happened that one thing led to another. Before we knew it, we already had a green-themed room. Haha.

our green-themed room

Nevertheless, we love how our room looks now. Green is easy on the eyes. It’s also the color of the environment, of Mother Nature. I just love green, period. 🙂

Weekend Stories: It’s All Good

Last weekend was quite hectic but super fun. On Saturday, I did a special assignment in the office in the morning before attending the much-anticipated Blogapalooza event at Fully Booked Boni High in the afternoon. The former made me a bit tired but good thing the later brought back my energy with its festive atmosphere and cool surprises. Plus, I got to see a lot of my old and new blogger friends again.

When dinnertime came, I met up with the fiancee and we enjoyed Filipino food. Saturday was also the eve of our monthsary and so we stayed at this awesome hotel that lay in the heart of Manila. We wanted to jog the next morning (Sunday) but we weren’t able to do so because we woke up late. To make up for this, we decided to walk our way to our respective houses after checking out of the hotel.

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Time to Move-In

Today is gonna be a great day for the fiancee. Hours from now, we will be going to the developer’s office to get the move-in documents for his new house in Cavite. The last time we checked out the place, we did a thorough inspection of the unit in the presence of the property manager. Luckily, there was not much to report except for a few cement and paint stains here and there.

The next step to all of this is the move-in. Did I mention that the house has its own water and electricity already? As early as now, the fiancee has started canvassing for light fixtures to install in the house. Some home improvement projects are in place, too. It’s gonna be costly for sure, but it seems he had prepared for that a long time ago. Good for him. Haha.

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Dream House

The fiancee’s house is finally finished. Inspection date will be on August 6, the turn-over on August 20. Oh how time flies! The first time we checked out that place, it was just an empty lot. Almost a year after, houses are now occupying that exact same lot. And the subdivision in itself now has a growing community.

After the turn-over comes the necessary home improvements. As early as now, we’re exploring ideas to create a modern yet cozy look for the house. While he prefers tile flooring, I’m looking into the possibility of having pergo flooring. I admire the durability of tiles (our Naic home even has a solid tile flooring!) but I also appreciate the look and feel of laminated wood.

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