On Making Ends Meet

The super hot weather here in Manila is headache-inducing. I think I’m having a migraine now. It doesn’t help that I have bills due today and my salary won’t come until tomorrow. Next month, I know this won’t be the situation anymore as my brother D starts pouring money into our family’s money vault again. Yay for his new job, making ends meet seem to be easier with my brother by my side now.

How do you make ends meet? Are you like me who’s on a constant lookout for new ways to get additional income? Last night, I was actually discussing the possibility of putting up a small business with the boyfriend. How about an online shop that specializes in business printing? I think it’s a good one because office supplies are considered basic needs for companies. But then, I wonder how much capital such an enterprise would need. P100,000? Half a million pesos?

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Close to Being Pennyless

At least that’s what I felt earlier today after my trip to Cavite. Tagging the boyfriend along with me, I visited SM Rosario to buy my mom a new refrigerator. Though I paid thru credit card, I couldn’t help but feel close to being pennyless because my next payday is still one week from now and yet I have already spent my entire personal allowance for next week. Expenses just piled up from nowhere and before I knew it, 90% of my money was gone.

Now I’m very tempted to get cash advances from whoever is willing to lend me money. Just kidding. It’s a good thing I have other income sources aside from my day job. Actually, I can’t seem to be contented. I always try to find new sources of income and think of new ways to make money. There was even one time I thought of putting up a small business. But I know I can’t do that yet. I need to save up more money and get an MBA first. Yeah, just to be sure my business would grow and flourish.

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