Weekend Story: Home Sweet Home with My In-Laws

One of the perks of staying in our Bacoor home during weekends is we get to practice being husband and wife. You know, just the two of us doing things together. Having house guests, however, has its own advantages. Like when my in-laws join us in Bacoor, for instance, and life suddenly becomes easier. You see, my MIL is very fond of doing household chores. Whenever she’s visiting us, she wouldn’t stop until she sees the whole house spick and span. Actually, she hates clutter so much that when she was still working at the restaurant, she would spend her days off staying at home and just cleaning up their house. She gets satisfied and happy doing just that. Now that she’s semi-retired, she still does a lot of cleaning (at their place here in Manila and at ours in Bacoor). I hope I inherit her “kasipagan” one day. Haha.

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Weekend Story: A Birthday, A Deathday, and A Bikeday (a.k.a. Philippine Bike Expo 2016)

Last weekend gave the hubby and I lots of happy memories. For one, we were with our family and friends doing fun stuff. By fun stuff, I mean chatting, eating, drinking, laughing, goofing around, and just being there for each other. We wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Just like how each weekend should be, ours started on Friday night when we met up again with the hubby’s high school barkada at our new fave hang-out place, Borderline Food Park (BPF) in Mandaluyong City. It was our friend Vanessa’s birthday and we celebrated with her amidst the cheery crowd of BFP.

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