New Job and First Day Stress

Just to be clear, it’s not me who’s just landed a new job but my sister. Actually, today is her first day at work. I dunno with you, but every time my siblings take on a new adventure (be it anything), I’m the one who feels the stress or anxiety or pressure or excitement or whatever feeling you could associate with it. I feel as if I were the mother. It must be because, as the eldest child, I treat my siblings as my own children.

You see, my sister lost her job (she used to work as a retail assistant for Globe) a month or so ago. One morning after that misfortune, another misfortune happened. She accidentally hit her head in the restroom and got a big bump in her forehead which prevented her from looking for a new job for weeks. When she was finally able to apply for a job, she fortunately got one fast. And I couldn’t stop thanking God for the blessing.

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A Job Dilemma

If you’re no longer happy with your job, would you find a new one? It’s a tough question. More so if you’ve been used to doing the work you do, the compensation package and the other perks that go with it. It’s a sad fact that it’s hard to get a job these days. If you’re stuck in a job that no longer brings out the best in you, inspires you or gives you a sense of fulfillment, would you decide to give it up and look for another one?

There are many reasons why people become unhappy with their jobs. It could be the harsh working conditions, the bosses, the people you work with or the complexity of the job itself. But there are also an equal number of reasons why people have to hold on to their jobs. Arriving at a decision, therefore, is equally hard and requires an intensive assessment of the pro’s and con’s.

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A Job, Finally!

Remember my younger sister who’s looking for a job? She’s finally gotten one. It’s not a glamorous job that pays well, but it’s decent enough for a starter like her. We advised her to accept the job offer to gain work experience before looking for a more financially-rewarding job and she listened to us.

Now that I have two siblings working already, I guess the “breadwinner” title (which led to the creation of this blog) doesn’t suit me anymore. But I’m just so happy that finally, my siblings can now stand on their own feet and are now capable of helping provide for the needs of our family, particularly in sending our bunso (youngest sibling) to school. She’s currently a 3rd year college student and hopefully, two years from now, she’ll be just like us, working and earning a living.

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Job Hunting in June

My sister N is currently looking for a job. She’s been given an opportunity to work for this huge local bank recently but as fate would have it, she didn’t make it. How sad. I so feel for her.

But as they say, if it’s meant for you you’re gonna have it. And if it’s not, let go of it and move on. I told her to just keep on looking and to never give up as her time will surely come.

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Looking Forward to December 9

December 9 (tomorrow) is judgment day, for me at least. I dunno what will happen on this day but I’m hoping the results will be for my greater benefit. I know I have asked God for many things already and He gave them all to me. But this is one thing that I really, really want to have. And it’s not just for myself, but for my loved ones as well. We will all benefit from this.

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Another Job Opportunity, Another Stake at Career Growth

When I got invited for employment testing at some big organization two months ago, I got very ecstatic and overly excited. I prepared for it the best I could. When the date of the interview came, I gave it my best shot. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it. Either I wasn’t the best among the short-listed candidates or it was just fate playing on me.

They say when a door closes, a window opens. Last Saturday (Bonifacio Day), another job opportunity from another big organization presented itself through an email. After months of applying online, they noticed me. This time around, I’m doubling my efforts to get hired. The selection process for this one is more challenging but I don’t care. I’m not taking no for an answer. I’m giving it my 100%. Only I don’t know where to start the preparations. I am scheduled for employment testing next week.

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