Looking Forward to December 9

December 9 (tomorrow) is judgment day, for me at least. I dunno what will happen on this day but I’m hoping the results will be for my greater benefit. I know I have asked God for many things already and He gave them all to me. But this is one thing that I really, really want to have. And it’s not just for myself, but for my loved ones as well. We will all benefit from this.

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The Struggle of Job Hunting

It’s been three months now since my brother became out of work. He has been applying for jobs at various companies, but it seems luck isn’t on his side yet. He has received several job offers from local recruitment agencies but I don’t want any of them for him because of job security issues. I don’t want him to be a contractual worker again. One in the family is enough.

My brother is a technology and livelihood education (TLE) teacher but doesn’t have a license yet. After graduation, he forewent the opportunity to take the LET and concentrated on his first job instead. He finished his 10-month contract in June.
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