Weekend Story: Celebrations

Last long weekend was all about celebrating and bonding with friends. On Saturday, I was at Via Mare, MOA Arena Annex during lunchtime for the christening of my college friend’s son. From there, the hubby and I went home in Bacoor and that night, we had a date at Evia Lifestyle Center because the hubby wanted to see the latest Transformers movie in the cinema house. But not before going to the church because the hubby’s religious like that. By Sunday, we drove back to Manila and attended the hubby’s cousin’s son’s birthday at Jollibee Grace Park in Caloocan City with my in-laws. We spent Monday just at home doing household chores and taking lots of rest.

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For the Love of Fast Food

Whenever the fiancee and I hit the mall, we almost always choose to eat fast food. Some of our favorites are KFC, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Pao Tsin, Tokyo Tokyo and of course, the langhap-sarap goodness that is Jollibee. My love affair with fast food started in college. It was during my college years that my appetite for fast food had developed and grown to its present proportion. It also helped that I was once a fast food crew myself, juggling work and school to get college education and have a better life.

KFC’s latest offering, the Tower Burger

Back then, my meager college allowance was spent mostly on fast food. Why not if it was cheap, tasty and served fast to the hungry me? Funny but when I was a college student, I could see the fast food counter filled with smiling crew manning chunky POS hardware from a hundred steps away once I was inside the mall with my blockmates. I guess it was the very attitude of these people (who are actually working students!) and the mouth-watering food photos on display that never failed to convince me to dine in. I didn’t care if fast food were filled with empty calories or that they could make me fatter than ever, all I needed then was to fill my empty stomach and survive college life.

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